As we all know, course registration in NTU can be quite a headache. For those of you looking for a course to add or swap, you can try this link. It is basically a listing page where (hopefully) all those who wants to drop or add courses can meet and discover each other.


It is still in beta 1, and I hope to improve it with every feedback, thanks in advance!

p.s. Open to NTU students only =)

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  1. ryan

    Ok seems like CITS is flagging all the confirmation and password reset emails as spam, do check your spam folders and let me know if its in there.

  2. Nic


    uswap is a really good idea. I just tried to organise a 3 way swap. But the problem is that there is no way to swap different courses except to drop then add immediately at off peak hours. we met but i think the others backed out when we couldnt swap indexes. I called ntu but apparently the system does not allow it cos they had cases of students selling electives.

    So although uswap is good, its potential is strictly limited by the school’s system.

  3. ryan

    Hi Nic, congrats on finding a match, but yea, NTU’s system is seriously limited with its own reasons. The best I can do is nag SU to nag CITS to maybe come up with a compromise.

    On the other hand, what do you guys think of NUS’s bidding system? Would it be a better solution or would it present its own set of problems?

  4. sarah

    hi, i tried the uswap website but i cldnt’ sign into my e.ntu.edu.sg account for some reason. tried to reset password and ended up locking myself out of the account forever cos u apparently have to access the same account to get the new password. is there any way you can let me register/use uswap at my other email add tanghuiling@gmail.com instead? pls contact me if u have a suggestion. im desperately in need of this service!


  5. Rui ting

    hi i tried to sign up for u-swap, but the link for the confirmation for signup seems to be missing the webpage.hence i cant sign in to the account.
    how do i resolve this problem?

  6. Jo

    Hello! I’m currently experiencing the same problem as Rui Ting. The verification link the system sent to us does not work, and there’s no way we can verify our account. :/ Hope that you’ll look into this matter. 🙂

  7. Violet

    hie, I’ve signed up for u-swap but the link in the confirmation email for activation always leads to “webpage not found”. What happened?

  8. Shiyi

    Hi Ryan,

    I tried to login into the uswap account. but I encountered some difficulties.
    It showed a message telling me i have not activated my account when i have already done so. Then i went on to change my password but no new password was sent to my email. Please assist me in this. Thank you!


  9. ryan

    Hi Shiyi, as mentioned in my response above, I have no power to help you all as SU is controlling the site. Please feedback NTUSU about it. sorry for any disappointment 🙁

  10. ryan

    Hi all, just received a note from SU that suggests the cause of the problem you guys are facing:

    Now that the add-drop period has started, uSwap is alive again. However, the large volume of emails being sent from the system has prompted the NTU server to label every email as ‘Junk mail’. As a result, many students did not notice the emails and complained to us.

    So for all of you having trouble logging in, try checking your junk mail folder. Hope it helps

  11. Nic

    Hi Ryan,

    I notice some irrelevant index numbers for the courses under course overview. I believe it will be a good idea to delete all course requests after each add drop period. Also, maybe you could try to get ntu to put uswap link on the ntu website and also send out an email each time the add drop period is approaching. I really think uswap is a great idea and very well done too. As you said it will only be more successful if there are more members. Keep it up dude!

  12. ella

    “This account have not been activated. Please click on the link in the confirmation email to activate this account.”

    i did not receive the confirmation email,how can i activated my account?

  13. ella

    erm, i checked rd, but don hv, i think i was registed last sem,but i did not activated it, can u resend me the confirmation email or any other way to activated my acc? thx

  14. wei En


    I tried to Login/Register for Uswap but i can’t. It keeps prompting me that The email and password do not match. What should I do now ?

    I dont recall signing up before!

  15. wei En

    Hello once again,

    I submitted the ‘forgot password’, and then they sent me a new pw via my ntu email..

    after which i tried to log in using the new password, but failed again.
    this time, the error is as follow :

    ‘This account have not been activated. Please click on the link in the confirmation email to activate this account.’

    But i did not receive any confirmation email !

    Thanks for your help !

    1. ryan

      Hi wei En, may I know what’s the url you are trying to access? Do note that easySwap has been acquired by the Student Union (and renamed uSwap) and I’m not sure of how they are maintaining it. It will probably be best if you tried contacting them.

  16. Erina Mulyadi

    Hi Ryan,

    I don’t really understand how to use the system.
    if A wants to drop subject 1, wants to get subject 2, but B wants to drop subject3 and wants to get subject 1, can the exchange happen?
    because, maybe A may not want to drop subject 1 if she hasn’t gotten her subject 2.
    so how should we do the exchange of courses?

    also, if i have arrived at the page where there are people who want the course 1 that i want to drop and there are people who wants to drop the course2 that i want, what should i do next?
    because that person who wants to drop course 2, want course 3. and i can’t provide course 3.

    i’m very confused.pls help.

    thanks a lot. =)

  17. Chrismin

    Hi Ryan,

    i just tried to register for U-Swap and i have already viewed my confirmation email. it just tells me that my application is successful and leads me to another link. however i can’t log in. when i entered my password, the site stated that my email and password do not match. could you please help? :))

  18. Leen

    Ive signed up for U swap, but accidentally key in my network acct passwrd as the passwrd for U swap. After that i cant log in, aas they say the passwrd doesn match.
    Tried to find another in which maybe i can change my passwrd or maybe get a new acct, there seems to be no option for that?

  19. Wysen

    Hi , I signed up last year but I had forgot my password since then and I can’t ask for password recovery in the website as there wrote “the email provided is not found in the system ” . Then I tried to register a new 1 ( thought that each new sem will be a diff registration ) but the words down there wrote email and password are not matched . So , what should I do to be able to log into uswap ?

  20. Bing Rui

    Good day,

    The idea of u-swap is good, although not being able to swap between different courses safely is limiting.

    Registration for a u-swap account has to be improved. Eg.have a re-enter password field to ensure that people registering typed in the correct password.

    Also, the Forgot password button failed to work. Error message: “The email you provided is not found in the system.”

    That’s all.

    Bing Rui

  21. Richard

    Hi Ryan,
    U-swap is really a brilliant idea. But i’m afraid the database there is a little bit out-of-date. The index i found in u-swap doesn’t match the actual index in class schedule for this sem. Hope this problem can be solved soon.

    1. ryan

      Hi guys, thanks for all the feedback. I recently got in touch with the current student union head of meidia and IT and we’re working together to fix various issues. For an instance those of you who were having trouble logging in / resetting password should be able to do so now.

  22. crystal

    hi, uSwap is really a good window for us to swap courses willingly. ha. however one thing i felt that can be improved is that it got to be updated.

    I contacted this person to swap the index, but he/she replied that he/she has already graduated!!! -.-

    thus, i suggest the system to be more up-to-date!!

    1. ryan

      Hi Crystal, thanks for the kind words. The student union requested control over the system a few years back and I gladly handed over thinking that they would have the resources to maintain the system. Guess they haven’t been clearing their database for awhile.


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