Youtube’s Awesome Content Scanner

Just noticed that the audio in one of my videos on youtube has been disabled. The message says:

Your video, The Pencil, may have audio content from Diagon Alley and The Gringotts Vault by Harry Potter Soundtrack that is owned or licensed by WMG.

Which is entirely true, and I am amazed at how they managed to scan through thier almost infinitely huge library of sound tracks to spot the similar pattern. Multiply the number of videos submitted each day to the number of tracks in the WMG library, can you imagine that? Kudos to the engineers at youtube

2 thoughts on “Youtube’s Awesome Content Scanner

  1. Kianan

    Yea man… hahas think now the algorithm is relatively low cost as CPU and memory is getting cheaper

    I got an application on my phone that can listen to the radio and identify the name of the song online..

    think someone figured a way to fingerprint a song

  2. ryan

    Glad to hear the technology has been put into other uses that benefits the users, rather than to just enforce music copyrights. Not saying it isn’t important though haha


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