Kader Jumps

Shot on a Sony HDR-HC3, effects in After Effects. I wanted to do a spoof of the matrix jump program, but we thought a totally random, shaky footage would be more fun and challenging.

The most tedious part would be clearing Kader after he lifts off. I initially imagined that the random patterns in the trees would hide any glitches better, but I realize it actually just makes them more obvious due to our brain’s superb movement recognition ability. On top of that the exposure is constantly changing as the camera tilts up to show more of the sky (as the sky covers more of the image, the foliage and buildings got significantly darker).

Overall it was a fun experience, and many thanks to Kader for spending time off his project submissions for endless retakes under the sun. Cool shades!

After thought: I’ll probably make a tutorial if there are requests and I have enough free time =)

Location – ADM rooftop

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