Unzipping files using PHP

My colleage faced little problem today while transfering files to a server. The number of files were in the range of thousands, and we all know what a pain it is to ftp a large number of these small files ( Size wasn’t much of an issue compared to the overhead of commands).

Of course the logical solution was to zip everything up before uploading, but the real problem was the server does not have a file manager, nor does he have shell access.

So I wrote this little script for him:

	$inputPath = $_GET['in'];
	$outputPath = $_GET['out'].'/';
	$zip = new ZipArchive;
	$res = $zip->open($inputPath);
	if ($res === TRUE) {
		echo 'Read success
'; $zip->extractTo($outputPath); echo 'extracting to '.$outputPath.'
'; $zip->close(); echo 'ok'; } else { echo 'failed'; } ?>

I called it unzip.php. Using it was real simple, just pass in the in and out parameters like this


and there you have it, the contents of file.zip will be unzipped into the unzippedcontents directory. Of course a few conditions do apply:

  1. the php installation must have the zip module
  2. the output folder must have the correct write permissions.

Hope this helps if you find yourself facing the same problem next time.

p.s. Nope the code does not have any error checking so use it at your own risk xD and do not add trailing slashes to the output path!

2 thoughts on “Unzipping files using PHP

  1. John deGrazia

    This is how I use it, and it is very good and valuable. Create a list of relative html links; such as, <a>, each describing a zip file that needs to be open and destination folder. Now, when you click on these, one after another, the server will process them in order. You might lose your connection, but the server will finish the job; the command having been heard. This is for those who have a lot of zips to open. If you try to extend path of the destination folder using /’s, it might work. It all depends.
    Thank you!

    1. ryan

      Interesting, if there’s really a lot of links maybe you can use jQuery to open each one of them too, or even better, ajax them with a “done!” response that replaces the link 🙂


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