easySwap is now uSwap

The new version of easySwap (beta 2.0) is out! The NTU Student Union has volunteered to host it on their server (and provide the manpower to maintain it, so I had to change the name to uSwap as well, to be in line with their branding.

Find it at http://su.ntu.edu.sg/uswap

Unfortunately, I still did not have time to implement the other features that I had wanted to, especially the email notifications. High priority in my list is also to implement caching of the results so that it wouldn’t be so taxing on the server when the “refresh rate” is high.

Part of me also wanted to port the project over to plain html/php so that its supported on the iPhone/iPad (probably with jQTouch), but… that’s for next time.

7 thoughts on “easySwap is now uSwap

  1. Vincent

    Hi there,

    I noticed that uSwap requires a sign up under ntu’s email domain, @ntu.edu.sg. However, that domain is no longer used now that we have moved over to Windows Live, the new domain should be @e.ntu.edu.sg, registering doesn’t work because I am not getting any confirmation email.

  2. Vincent

    Apologies, it appears I was mistaken, it does still work. Just that the email isn’t instantaneous. Thank you for everything.

  3. ryan

    Hi all, just received a note from SU that suggests the cause of the problem you guys are facing:

    Now that the add-drop period has started, uSwap is alive again. However, the large volume of emails being sent from the system has prompted the NTU server to label every email as ‘Junk mail’. As a result, many students did not notice the emails and complained to us.

    So for all of you having trouble logging in, try checking your junk mail folder. Hope it helps


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