Tell it your way

Utilizing a 3d game engine, a series of extremely detailed events is ¬†scripted throughout a large map during a span of 5 hours. Users are allowed to roam freely around the map as a normal player, or they can enter “Director Mode” that allows the user to fly around and record what they see using their fully-customizable virtual cameras.

After the cameras are confirmed, a rendering engine then outputs the selected sequences to HD content on the user’s machine. Using a 3rd party video editing software, the clips are edited together, along with what ever music, effects, overlays the user deem fit. The finish product is uploaded back to the server.

The entries are opened to the public, who are invited to vote for their favorite version of the incident.

The judging panel then reviews the shortlisted entries based on camera work, editing, timing, etc. to filter out a list of 10 finalists and the winners.

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