Free Transform Manager As3 v1.3

update: new version!

This is an update to my earlier post announcing the launch of FTM. View full post for source download.

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Download: Source only | Source + Examples

This update consolidates some of the changes people have requested and some refactoring.

// Only need one instance per project
var fts:FreeTransformManager = new FreeTransformManager(false);
// Register any DisplayObject and you are done. handles are activated when user clicks on testObj

You can also use the functions below to manually set the properties. These functions trigger the FreeTransformEvent so it should work seamlessly with the handles. For more information, download the example to take a look at how they are used.

public function setWidth(w:Number):void {};
public function setHeight(h:Number):void {);
public function setSize(w:Number, h:Number):void {};
public function setRotateDeg(r:Number):void {);
public function setRotateDeg(r:Number):void {};
public function setScale(s:Number):void {};
public function setRotate(r:Number):void {};
public function setPos(x:Number, y:Number):void {};

Other users:
// Listen to ON_TRANSFORM event.
fts.addEventListener(FreeTransformEvent.ON_TRANSFORM, onTransform);
// Manually activate the handlers on a DisplayObject
// Deactivate a DisplayObject
// Update the handlers after the DisplayObject is modified externally
// Whether to show tracking points and angle lines
property showInterestingStuff
// Hides handlers. But they will be visible again the next time the user clicks on a registered DisplayObject

Properties exposed by event:
targetObject:DisplayObject // The DisplayObject that is in focus.
x:Number // X position
y:Number // Y position
rotation:Number // Rotation in radians
rotationInDeg:Number // Rotation in degrees
scale:Number // Scale (1 = 100%)

Styling properties:

80 thoughts on “Free Transform Manager As3 v1.3

  1. alex raimondo

    found that code to display html format text to dynamic textfield in as3:

    var url:String = “”;
    var loadit:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); loadit.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, completeHandler);
    loadit.load(new URLRequest(url));
    function completeHandler(event:Event):void {
    myText_txt.htmlText = as String;
    all work fine in local , but when upload to the net , swf can’t display the text ??? thanks for your help

  2. avatare noi

    For a beginner in flash what is recommended to learn AS2 or skip to AS3 directly. I read that AS2 is a old programming language and is a waste of time to learn as2 because as3 is very different from as2. It is true that i can learn AS3 without AS2? Thank you.

    1. ryan

      @avatare noi: I would say jump to AS3 straight away, they are two different beasts and there is little or no value in learning AS2 imho (other than getting paid to migrate old AS2 projects to AS3).

  3. deep eyes

    very nice work,
    where to i get version 1.5,
    in old version when i rotate text field(embedded fonts) text will disappear .

    any help will be appreciated


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