About Ryan

is an autodidact who has been developing applications for the last two decades. To help feed his hunger of creating stuff, he also holds a BFA in Animation, which gives him the freedom of storytelling in both 3D and traditional animation. He gets the greatest satisfaction making technology play well with Art, Design and Media, and always strives for matching simple solutions to complex problems.

He headed the games and TV production departments at Interactive Digital Reality while in university and created the Angel’s Gate TV series – the first Singapore-made TV format to be brought overseas. He now runs his own digital consultancy the Red Airship specializing in Mobile and Web product development.

In his free time he balances between managing the Animators in Singapore group, consulting for the SEA+ organization and building his various pet projects. Also an avid photographer and coffee addict.

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Tools of trade

Development C#, C++, ObjC, AS3 (Flash/Flex/Air), PHP, ASP.NET, VB/VB.NET, Processing, HTML5
Database MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite
Platforms iOS, Flash/Flex/Air, Zend, Joomla, Drupal
3D Graphics Maya, 3d Max, Z-Brush, Solid Works, Pro-Engineer
Graphics/Publishing Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign
Video/Compositing Premiere, Final Cut, After Effects, Bojou

Honors and Awards

Best of ADM Exhibition, 2008
Top in level for Computing, National Junior College 2004
Comgraph, 2004 – Singapore Open Category Finalist, 2004
The Panasonic Digital Filmmakers Award, 2004 – Produced special effects for short film ‘Heroes’
Gigahertz, 2004 – 1st Place
National Olympiad in Informatics, 2004 – Silver Medalist
National Software Competition, 2004 – 3rd Place (JC Category)
NTU-JC-DSTA Challenge, 2004 – Best Innovation & Best Presentation
Thinkquest international, 2004 – Special Mention
NTU Engineering Convention, 2003 – 2nd Place
AngelHack Singapore 2013 – Finalist

6 thoughts on “About Ryan

  1. AM

    Hi Ryan,

    I have few projects which i would like to do using Java, BlazeDS and Flex. If you are interested to work as freelancer for this project get in touch with me on my email id.


  2. googi

    hi ryan
    i need help about flash
    how do i do the transform of multiple mc using transform manager as2
    i download from greensock the old version of Transform manager but it has no multiple selection, how do i code the multi select or select all to the old version like in here


    need help pls

    1. ryan

      Hi googi, I think you might have mixed up GreenSocks tool with my Free Transform Manager. I guess you can seek their help by commenting on that link you have.

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