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Open Kinect Projects

Less than a month since Kinect’s launch, people are already experimenting with a hacked driver of the Kinect sensor. These include capturing 3d video, 3d object recognition and interactive puppeting. At the moment I haven’t seen full 3d video capturing, and I regard those online experiments as 2.5D as they are only getting the side facing the sensor. But any moment now someone’s gonna link an array of them together to get nearly-full 3d video. That would be awesome.

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The Burning Man Project

Trying to explain what Burning Man is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind.

In 2010, 30th August, more than 50,000 people gathered at Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, USA. They erected a city on the 400 square mile emptiness, and proceeded to survive 8 bohemian days in this makeshift community experiencing creativity, spirituality, and sexuality. Many ideas are explored including traces of the hippie movement, sustainable living, nudism, religion, socialism, anarchy and many others.
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BMW Gina

A car with flexible skin and movable metal structures beneath. Theoratically, you an better customize the look of your car, it is scratch resistant and it probably costs less to change the entire “cover” too. But the best part is that it also consumes much less energy to manufacture these compared to full metal casings. Safety is not an issue because crash damping and structural integrity is handled by the frame. Love the lights.

Kinetic Sculpture

The Kinetic Sculpture is a metaphorical translation of the process of form-finding in art and design. 714 metal spheres, hanging from thin steel wires attached to individually-controlled stepper motors and covering the area of six square meters, animate a seven minute long mechatronic narrative. In the beginning, moving chaotically, then evolving to several competing forms that eventually resolve to the finished object, the Kinetic Sculpture creates an artistic visualisation of the process of form-finding in different variations.

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