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Recovering lost animation on referenced characterSets in Maya 2011

A friend recently lost all of his animation on a referenced character rig. The file still opens without Maya complaining, but the keys just went missing. A quick check of the .ma in a text editor confirmed that the animCurve nodes were still present.

Feeling adventurous, I fired up notepad++ and did a text comparison of a working file containing the same referenced rig and the problematic file. Sure enough, the animCurve nodes seem to be connected to the wrong .phl (placeHolderList) of the reference file, or were not Continue reading

Open Kinect Projects

Less than a month since Kinect’s launch, people are already experimenting with a hacked driver of the Kinect sensor. These include capturing 3d video, 3d object recognition and interactive puppeting. At the moment I haven’t seen full 3d video capturing, and I regard those online experiments as 2.5D as they are only getting the side facing the sensor. But any moment now someone’s gonna link an array of them together to get nearly-full 3d video. That would be awesome.

Keep track of these projects at

The Third and the Seventh

A beautiful piece exploring architecture through photography, view in full screen and turn up your speakers to do it justice.

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

And after staring in awe at the jaw dropping images while wondering what camera he was using, watch the making-of:

Compositing Breakdown (T&S) from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

The Eco Zoo

Online 3d has always been mired by long loading times or unresponsive interface. The thing that caught me was how the author of this site, Masayuki Kido, has taken that apparent limitation and used it to his advantage by combining low poly models with a beautiful cut out style. The illustrations, character designs and witty dialog are are wonderful too, leaving me wanting for more after exploring all the sections. Of course, expect nothing less from the winner of the FWA Site of the year 2008.

Check it out at