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Cool Japanese 3d Flash

The site is in japanese but that shouldn’t harm your experience a bit. Click through the 10 questions and have your robot generated, then watch it move around and fight with other robots. The algorithm that moves them and animate the legs is intriguing, and the interface looks clean and polished, typical japanese design.

Created by IMG SRC/Non-GridKaibutsu, and Masayuki Kido

New Indie game – Trauma

Chanced upon this indie game which had a game visual similar to that of microsoft’s photosynth demo.

Of course it only looks similar on the surface, the underlying technology seems much different in the sense that its unlikely the engine will arrange and stitch your photos in 3d. Having said that, the game play looks interesting enough.


Real-time 3D in Flash

Came across this 2 sites by Carlos Ulloa showcasing real time 3D in flash: greets the viewer with an interesting transition from plain 2D words into a few 3D reflective text blocks floating in a white environment. After panning around them for awhile, the viewer soon notices that the cursor changes when hovering on each letter, and discovers in delight that those are not just floating 3D objects looking pretty, they actually demonstrate an interactive physics engine. Try them out yourself. looks normal, until you decide to give the controls a try. Go ahead and be surprised.