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Anyone can write code. Not everyone can throw it away.

An article by Esther Schindler discussing how it is often a good idea to start coding from scratch instead of trying to patch the big mess you created the last time when meeting a deadline.

Becoming a Great Programmer: Use Your Trash Can

I’ve come to believe that all great software is written three times. The first time you write it, it’s to see if your idea can work at all. It’s the digital equivalent of scratching something out on the back of the envelope, leaving out the fancy stuff and just concentrating on the basic feature or algorithm. Once you figure out that yes, this might be a good way to solve the problem, then you write the code a second time, to “make it work.” But it’s the third time you write the code, when you’ve had the opportunity to learn from the mistakes from the “try to make it work” phase, when your application will be the best it can be. (Well, almost. There’s often a 3.1, too. Even great software has a few bugs.)

Do men have fewer ribs than women?

Yesterday night this question suddenly came to me. I realised that althought I have always assumed they have the same number of ribs, I have not actually confirmed this fact.

So a quick search landed me on this interesting site that answered my question with science and logic, along with many more myths originating from christian faith (mainly the bible) It was sort of a mini wiki on the subject and I couldn’t help but spend a few hours reading through topics such as How old is the earth according to the Bible? and How did dinosaurs fit on Noah’s Ark? While many of the responses are a tad bias, using the bible as evidence, it nonetheless presented many ideas and facts that proofed to be interesting read.

Visit the site at or jump straight to the ribs article: