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BMW Gina

A car with flexible skin and movable metal structures beneath. Theoratically, you an better customize the look of your car, it is scratch resistant and it probably costs less to change the entire “cover” too. But the best part is that it also consumes much less energy to manufacture these compared to full metal casings. Safety is not an issue because crash damping and structural integrity is handled by the frame. Love the lights.

Kinetic Sculpture

The Kinetic Sculpture is a metaphorical translation of the process of form-finding in art and design. 714 metal spheres, hanging from thin steel wires attached to individually-controlled stepper motors and covering the area of six square meters, animate a seven minute long mechatronic narrative. In the beginning, moving chaotically, then evolving to several competing forms that eventually resolve to the finished object, the Kinetic Sculpture creates an artistic visualisation of the process of form-finding in different variations.

via artcom

One Frame of Fame – Rebuilding a MTV one frame at a time

The concept is strikingly simple: a short video clip is put online and each audience is allowed to replace one of the frames with an imitation of their own. Monkey see monkey do in front of their web cams. The result is interesting, see it in action at

This work reminds me of an earlier piece by Aaron Koblin and Takashi Kawashima where they asked 10,000 independent unsuspecting users to paint a tiny portion of a USD$100 bill. The finished image can be bought for charity at