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Apps in SG – A showcase of Apps designed and built in Singapore

I realised people outside of the development and entrepreneur circles are often unaware that there are many talented app designers and developers in Singapore. And when I try to show them examples, there isn’t such a list of made in Singapore apps. You either know that autumn dynasty is one of the top selling games made locally, or you don’t. is first and foremost a quick way to showcase beautiful and/or useful apps released by locals, and the talented people and companies behind them. Although the list is heavily biased towards mobile apps at the moment, I’m working to include more web, desktop, and even console apps in the coming weeks. I hope it can grow to provide additional exposure for newly launched apps, inspiration, and eventually a place for developers and designers looking for work at interesting companies.

Know a beautiful or useful app made by Singaporeans? Make a suggestion here.

Beta Testing for Leendy

After 3 months of weekend development sessions, I’m excited to finally start the beta testing phase for Leendy. I’ve even squeeze out time to do up the website and Facebook page!

Leendy is the easiest way to share and swap things among friends while saving the earth. It is based on the collaborative consumption philosophy of sharing to cut down on resource wastage and allow everyone to enjoy more value out of existing items. If you have an iPhone and some free time, why not register as a tester?

Calling all Singaporean smartphone users

Spent the weekend working on an interactive survey of Singapore’s mobile landscape focusing on the 3 mobile operators Singtel, Starhub, and M1. I figured none of the telcos will ever commission this sort of open data so I decided to put it out there and see what sort of response it can get. Everyone can leave their feedback on the map to help build a comprehensive and unbiased overview of our tiny nation’s network coverage.

Landing page of the Singapore's mobile landscape website

As you can see it’s still at a very rough stage so please excuse the bugs and usability issues. If you have a cool idea, do leave them here in the comments or drop me a mail, welcoming all feedback and suggestions. Please share to fellow Singaporeans!

Making Lobster Thermidor

See Alvin the chef turn lobsters fresh from the jurong fishery port into delicious lobster thermidor, complete with tiger prawn spaghetti, pan-seared striploin steak and a side of rockets salad and cheese. We spent a day at Alvin’s place helping out and I took the chance to capture the process to the tune of Waipod Phetsuphan’s Ding Ding Dong.

Check out the photos too.

Clear’s FaceBook Racing Game


Did a flash racing game for Clear’s worldwide campaign in time to coincide with the F1 racing event in Singapore. Turn on your speakers for the full experience! Features a per-country leaderboard and some clever optimisations to allow the average consumer machine to run these beautiful full resolution 3000×4000 maps for each difficulty level. Play the game on FaceBook.

Free Transform Manager As3 v1.5.1

Many of you have been emailing me about supporting objects with non-top-left registration points. Here’s an update that recognizes and compensates for all registration points. Give it a try and let me know if it works. You can find the older version here.

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”600″ width=”630″ /]

v1.5.1 Source + Examples
v1.5.2 Source + Examples

Added a dragArea property in 1.5.2 that accepts a flash.geom.Rectangle that specifies the area the objects a confined to. But it has not been fully tested so please do report bugs when you are using them.

Some of you also asked about how to use FTM in flex, here’s a simple .mxml demonstration: Continue reading