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Kungfu Panda opening sequence

For those who have not seen the movie Kungfu Panda, it’s a 3D animated feature about a panda dreaming of kungfu greatness and eventually realizing his potential after going through various humiliation and training. While the film was undoubtedly high in standard, as expected from the producer of Shrek, I was surprised by its well executed opening sequence, which was done in traditional 2D animation.

Barely two and a half minutes long, the audience is treated to a fast paced action sequence with superb timing, color, character, staging, sound effects and narration, and did I mention timing? I feel that although the rest of the elements worked great together, it was the timing and pacing which managed to pack so much back to back action and effects into the 2 minutes yet allowing enough time for the audience to take it all in. Every motion had a purpose and was well planned to carry on the story and pace.

You can download the piece in quicktime format at Art of the Title, and enjoy it frame by frame.