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node-view-[viewname].tpl.php not working

If you are using row style: node in your view, its recommended that you use the node-view–[viewname].tpl.php to theme your output instead of views-view-row-node–[viewname].tpl.php.

However, you must make sure node.tpl.php exists in your theme (or subtheme) in order for node-view-* to be picked up by Drupal.

Custom content type not showing up?

You’ve created a custom drupal module to define a content type, its showing up in the create content menu, but its not showing up in the admin/content/type menu. What could be wrong?

Check that you have declared the [module_name]_form() function in your .module file.

Function header:

function [module_name]_form($form_state)

Note: if its not even in the create content menu, you need the [module_name]_node_info() function.