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Joomla: TinyMCE is screwing up RokStories

RokStories is an easy way to add those rotating images on your joomla installation. Making them work, however, might require some tinkering. By default, the TinyMCE content editor modifies your html for its own purposes, and this screws up RokStories as it cannot recognize the images in your article if there are foreign attributes such as mce_src in the <img alt=”” /> tag. Editing the html source (with the TinyMCS Source editor) will not solve the problem as the extra attributes are inserted once you go back to the editor and save.

A quick way to overcome this is to temporary disable TinyMCE and use a plain text editor, removing unknown attributes and making sure the url to the images are relative. Other points to take note if its still not working:

  1. Remove any height and width definitions.
  2. Shift the src attribute to the front (<img src=”…” alt=”…” /> instead of <img alt=”…” src=”…” />)
  3. Remove any instances of <div></div>
  4. Add a readmore tag to separate the text content from the image.

Tutorial from Rocket Theme: http://www.rockettheme.com/forum/index.php?f=18&t=82376&p=420867&rb_v=viewtopic

Joomla: Template parameter file is not writable

While working with joomla themes, one might come across this problem of the template parameter file not being writable. You may have tried to change the permission of params.ini to 0755, but somehow the permission is reset to 0555 everytime you save your changes. What could be the problem?

Seems like the answer lies in the com_template core component. Open the file ~/administrator/components/com_template/controller.php and search for this line “Could not make the template parameter file unwritable”. You’ll see that this component is actively reseting the permission to 0555 with this code:

if (!$ftp['enabled'] && JPath::isOwner($file) && !JPath::setPermissions($file, '0555')) {
JError::raiseNotice('SOME_ERROR_CODE', JText::_('Could not make the template parameter file unwritable'));

So the solution becomes straight forward – change the ‘0555’ to ‘0755’. Do not worry about security concerns as you are only granting write permission to the owner.