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45 Amazing Typographic Portraits

Quoting Sanid who gathered this collection of typographic portraits at abduzeedo:

Typography is not just about choosing a nice typeface, actually it’s much more than that, it’s how we arrange the types in the layout choosing the right size, weight and type of font to transmit the message in the easiest and more understandable way. Now, imagine some designers take that to a next step, mixing typography with portraits.

Thanks to Kian An for the link.

Quality within Web Design

What is quality web design and what makes a quality design look good? We’ve heard the stuff about spacing and organization, but liam went all out in this article to find precise examples from all over the web, each well edited to emphasize the respective points of interests, and even before-after comparisons.

The result? Beautifully illustrated old design principles clear enough for anyone, designer-or-not, to figure out for himself. Another great article on wefunction.com